Rihanna Wears Spring 2017 Richardson & Margiela in NYC

Rihanna Wears Spring 2017 Richardson in NYC

Richardson | Balenciaga | Margiela

Rihanna Wears Spring 2017 Richardson in NYC:

Rihanna hasn’t been seen out and about in quite some time. We’re happy to see she’s doing well and back in New York City! She was seen last night wearing my favorite color.

Rihanna wearing Proenza Schouler Spring 2017

Rihanna stepped out wearing a Richardson Spring 2017 $228.00 The Masters and Mistresses Association Hoodie. The hoodie features an interesting graphic of a lady holding a whip. The back graphic features rules of the “association”. Rihanna coupled the piece with her Margiela $1,390.00 Contrast Side Stripe Trousers. The retro blue silk blend contrast side stripe trousers feature an elasticated waistband and side pockets. Rihanna wore them previously last year in September. She is wearing pink Balenciaga Boots.

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