Rihanna Leaves Cannes Wearing Virgil Abloh

Rihanna leaves Cannes Wearing Virgil Abloh

Raen | Virgil Abloh | Christian Dior

Rihanna leaves Cannes Wearing Virgil Abloh:

After a short stay in Cannes for the past few days Rihanna has finally left the area. We are certain she is on her way to New York. Tomorrow she will be honored by Parsons.

Rihanna Virgil Abloh Rock Mirror Hoodie

Rihanna left Cannes wearing Virgil Abloh’s $600.00 OFF-WHITE Rock Mirror Hoodie and $150.00 Raen Flatscreen Sunglasses in the color, Peroxide.

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Rihanna Virgil Abloh OFF WHITE Lounge Pants

She completed her look with $390.00 OFF-WHITE Black ‘C/O Virgil Abloh’ Lounge Pants. She is carrying a €2,550 Christian Dior Summer 2017 J’ADior Flapbag.

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