Rihanna Wears Spring 2018 Luar in New York

Rihanna steps out in New York Wearing Spring 2018 Luar and MORE

VETEMENTS | Christian Dior | Luar
Ben Taverniti | Virgil Abloh | Alexander Wang
Delvaux | Stussy | FENTY x PUMA

Rihanna steps out in New York Wearing Spring 2018 Luar and MORE:

Looks like Rihanna is back in New York and a new project maybe on its way! Rihanna was seen twice yesterday on October 20th. She was last seen leaving a set in the area. We can’t wait to see what she’s up to!

Rihanna in Djula Bracelet

Rihanna’s first look began with a White $220.00 Vetements Genetically Modified Cap. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in this label so it’s nice to see her wearing them again! Rihanna is also wearing her favorite vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses from Depuis 1924.

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Rihanna in Djula Bracelet

Rihanna donned an off-shoulder pinstripe dress from designer, Luar’s Spring 2018 Collection.

Rihanna in Djula Bracelet

Underneath this garment, Rihanna is wearing her Resort 2018 Unravel Project by Ben Taverniti Denim Corset.

Rihanna in Djula Bracelet

Let’s get into her accessories. Rihanna is wearing Virgil Abloh’s Spring 2018 Collection Strappy Heels. She is toting two amazing bags. The first is a Delvaux “Le Brillant X-Ray” Bag. Inside of this bag, Rihanna carried a Limited Edition Money clutch designed by Alexander Wang in collaboration with Judith Leibe.
Rihanna in Djula Bracelet
Later that night, Rihanna emerged wearing a distressed Stussy Basic Logo Crewneck and FENTY x PUMA Black Fur Slides. She also wore the same accessories we discussed previously from Vetements, Delvaux and Alexander Wang.

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