Rihanna wears an “I Hate Rihanna” Shirt on her Instagram stor

Bjarne Melgaard | Lynn Ban

Rihanna Wears an “I Hate Rihanna” Shirt on Her Instagram Story:

Rihanna’s birthday is tomorrow! The international superstar will be turning 30. To wrap up her final hours as a twenty-nine year old, she posted this image on her Instagram story. The photo is from a trip to Miami she took.

Rihanna wears I Hate Rihanna Shirt

Her stylist, Mel Ottenberg revealed on his Instagram that this top that ironically says, “I Hate Rihanna” was snagged from Bjarne Melgaard. Her top retails at $130.00 and you can purchase it below.

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Rihanna wears Lynn Ban Smoking Lips FENTY x PUMA FU Necklace

Did you notice her necklaces? These pieces are from our good friend, Lynn Ban. Rihanna is sporting her Smoking Lips Necklace and her collaborative “FU” Fenty x Puma Necklace.