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Air Jordan

Rihanna Pays Homage to John Lennon in Eli Reed || August 23rd
August 24, 2013

Eli Reed | Le Specs | Jacquie Aiche | Levi's | House of Malakai Air Jordan | Lynn Ban | Kokon To Zai | Kayode Co. Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York today after visiting the KTZ shop: Today Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York. Of course, Rihanna keeps her love of fashion alive by rocking the best of the best from the runway collections of several of her favorite designers. Today she visited the fashion house of Kokon To...

Rihanna Steps Out in Rihanna for River Island || August 22nd
August 22, 2013

Rihanna for River Island | Le Specs | Jacquie Aiche Air Jordan | Lynn Ban Rihanna spotted shopping at Intermix in New York today: Rihanna has stepped out for another day in New York. Yesterday, she attended the Ronson twins, Samantha and Charlotte's, birthday party (here). If you missed what she wore, be sure to visit that post for all the details! It's no surprise that today, Rihanna debuted yet another head to toe look from her upcoming...

Rihanna Takes On NY in Rihanna for River Island || August 21st
August 22, 2013

Just ★ Don | Le Specs | Rihanna for River Island Air Jordan | Lynn Ban | Jacquie Aiche Rihanna spotted leaving a meeting with Kanye West in New York: Rihanna is still in New York, as she has been for the last few days now. She was last spotted on the 19th doing some shopping at American Apparel (here). Be sure to visit that post if you missed what she wore. Yesterday, however, Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York rocking more...

Rihanna Relaxes in Astrid Andersen & Ancient Greeks in Barbados || August 9th
August 5, 2013

Rihanna enjoys her vacation in Barbados: (Updated 10.4.13)   Astrid Andersen | Ancient Greek Sandals | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna has really been enjoying her time in Barbados these past few days. She's been wearing swimsuit after swimsuit soaking up all that Barbados has to offer by way of sunny days. Check out what she's worn throughout her vacation (here). Today was no exception. She got out for some sunshine in a black triangle...

Rihanna Hits Up Giorgio Baldi in +Fresh.I.Am+ || July 30th
July 31, 2013

Just ★ Don | + Fresh.I.Am + | Rihanna for River Island Givenchy | Air Jordan | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted at Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles last night: After an amazing line up of sold out shows, Rihanna has finally completed the European leg of her Diamonds World Tour. She's now back home in Los Angeles enjoying a few days off. If you missed out on what she wore on her flight home from Helsinki, catch up from our post (here)....

Rihanna Gets Comfortable in Sweden with Stella McCartney || July 21st
July 21, 2013

Stella McCartney | Trapstar | Air Jordan Rihanna reveals her look on location in Sweden by means of her Instagram account: Yesterday, Rihanna put on an emotional final show in France. Her tour has now brought her to Sweden. If you missed what Rihanna wore upon leaving her hotel yesterday, visit our post (here), to catch up. She revealed her look of the day on her Instagram account after spending some downtime at the park. In the photos she...

Rihanna Starts Her Day in Trapstar London || July 20th
July 20, 2013

Superbia | Roberto Cavalli | Trapstar | Air Jordan Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel for the day in London: Rihanna had a pretty fashion forward day in London yesterday. She left her hotel that morning in a really cool jumpsuit (here). Later that evening, she enjoyed a night out in a great piece from one of her favorite designer's menswear line (here). Today, she was spotted leaving her hotel. Let's review what she wore. Rihanna began...

Rihanna Headlines T in the Park Festival: Fashion Recap
July 13, 2013

Ray Ban | Adam Selman | Air Jordan | Versace | Fallon Rihanna hits center stage at Scotland's T in the Park: Rihanna performed as headliner at Scotland's T in the Park Festival. Not only did she put on an amazing show, but she graced the stage in yet another fashion forward look. Throughout this month, we've seen her in the likes of Kokon to Zai, Adam Selman, Jeremy Scott and Balmain! She's also served up some serious diamond and gemstone...

Rihanna Rocks Adidas Originals in Denmark || July 4th
July 4, 2013

Ray Ban | Adidas | Air Jordan | Givenchy Rihanna was spotted in Copenhagen, Denmark today: Rihanna was last seen heading back to Germany after attending the Chanel Autumn/Winter Couture 2013 Fashion Show (here). If you didn't see what she wore to the fashion show, you can also visit our post (here) to get the details on that look. Today, Rihanna was spotted in Denmark, where she will be performing tomorrow at Roskilde Festival. Rihanna...

Rihanna Hits the Studio in Sheriff & Cherry || May 20th
May 21, 2013

Sheriff & Cherry | Air Jordan | Jennifer Fisher | Jennifer Zeuner Rihanna spotted headed into a studio yesterday in Los Angeles: Looks like Rihanna is back in the studio! After a relatively quiet evening the night before, at Giorgio Baldi (here), she has now been seen getting out of a silver Porsche on her way into a studio. Rihanna began her look by wearing a pink pair of D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses by Sheriff & Cherry. Rihanna is no...

Rihanna Says Goodbye to NY in Trapstar London || May 17th
May 17, 2013

Chanel | Trapstar | Fuct | Air Jordan | Givenchy | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna spotted leaving New York en route to Los Angeles: Rihanna is finally leaving New York after having been stationed there for quite some time. Earlier today, she revealed a nice piece from Pigalle Paris on Instagram. To find out more about her sweatshirt, visit our post (here). Now, she was spotted leaving her hotel in route to her flight.. Rihanna began her ensemble...

Rihanna Arrives in New York in Chanel || May 3rd
May 3, 2013

Karen Walker | Chanel | Air Jordan | Givenchy | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted arriving at her hotel in New York today: Rihanna spent a few days in Canada, just recently for her Diamonds World Tour. She put on stellar performances as she went to both Montreal and Ottawa. To revisit her look as she crossed over the border, check out our previous post (here). Today, she's arrived safely back "heauxm", as she put it, in Brooklyn. She began...

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