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Rihanna Shows Love for Kate Moss in Amsterdam || June 26th
June 26, 2013

Ray Ban | Silver Spoon Attire | Wanda Nylon Converse | Love Muse | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in Amsterdam today: After having a day off yesterday, Rihanna is back to work tonight. She will be performing in Cologne, Germany! We last saw her leaving her hotel the day before yesterday (here), in some serious Silver Spoon Attire threads! Today is no exception! Let's get right into what she's wearing. Rihanna started...

Rihanna Says Goodbye to NY in Trapstar London || May 17th
May 17, 2013

Chanel | Trapstar | Fuct | Air Jordan | Givenchy | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna spotted leaving New York en route to Los Angeles: Rihanna is finally leaving New York after having been stationed there for quite some time. Earlier today, she revealed a nice piece from Pigalle Paris on Instagram. To find out more about her sweatshirt, visit our post (here). Now, she was spotted leaving her hotel in route to her flight.. Rihanna began her ensemble...

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