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Melissa Updates Her Instagram During the Month of July
August 1, 2015

Patty Rodriguez | Trapstar | Lucid FC | 40oz Van Topshop | Converse | Jacquie Aiche Jennifer Fisher | Reformation | Ksubi Italia Independent | Super | Lisa Marie Fernandez Melissa updates her Instagram during the month of July: July is here and we are back with a new monthly post to keep you updated on everything Rihannaa bestie Melissa Forde will be wearing! If you missed the details on a look she wore in June, you can head over to our...

Melissa Updates Her Instagram During the Month of October
October 30, 2014

Local Heroes | Dolce & Gabbana | Lacoste | Italia IndependentGerlan Jeans | Dita | Division Street Boutique | Converse Agent Provocateur | M$$ x WT | Trapstar | Roxy Melissa's Instagram updates in October : Here on Rihanna Overdose, we aim to keep you updated on what Rihanna wears daily. But as an extra treat for our readers, we also like to give you the scoop on what her best friend, Melissa Forde wears as well. We've covered a large...

Rihanna Makes Her Way Out of LA in Martine Rose & Marques'Almeida || October 16th
October 17, 2014

Givenchy | Martine Rose | Marques'Almeida | Converse Stella McCartney | Reece Hudson | Nektar De Stagni Rihanna was spotted out and about in Los Angeles: Rihanna seems to have taken a day off from her dine-ins at Giorgio Baldi. Although she wasn't spotted at the Italian eatery, she was seen casually out and about in LA. If you need your fashion fix on her last look at Giorgio Baldi, you can visit our previous post. Here's what she wore...

Rihanna Takes Her Leave From Los Angeles in Balmain & Reece Hudson || September 30th
September 30, 2014

Pigalle | Balmain | Isabel Marant | Timberland | Reece Hudson | Jacquie Aiche | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted at LAX airport in Los Angeles: It seems Rihanna's stay in Los Angeles has ended just as quick as it began! She was seen earlier today at LAX airport yet again only this time to leave California. The other night, she was spotted at one of her favorite restaurants grabbing a bite to eat. If you missed what she wore you can...

Melissa Attends Eminem & Rihanna's The Monster Tour
August 29, 2014

Trapstar | Lazy Oaf | Air Jordan | Converse | Currency NY Melissa takes on The Monster Tour alongside Rihanna: Rihanna's best friend Melissa attended each show date of The Monster Tour. If you're following her on instagram, you've probably seen the slew of photos as well as videos from the concerts that she's posted. Today we'll give you the rundown on her looks for the tour. Keep in mind that if you'd like to see what Rihanna wore during...

Rihanna Hits the Studio in Cav Empt & Virgil Abloh || July 1st
July 2, 2014

Cav Empt | Virgil Abloh | ConverseLynn Ban | Kentshire | Mala by Patty Rodriguez Rihanna was spotted at studio in Los Angeles last night: Rihanna began her look for the day with a jacket from the brand, Cav Empt in collaboration with Honeyee. This new PVC Coaches Jacket is a part of their new Spring 2014 Collection. Made from a PVC material, the jackets come in three colorways: black, blue and red. The jackets are a Honeyee exclusive...

Melissa Spends Her Day in JoyRich & Stance || June 11th
June 12, 2014

JoyRich | Stance | Converse | Jennifer Fisher Melissa's Instagram gets a photo update: Melissa updated her followers with her look for the day on Instagram yesterday. We last gave you the rundown on what she wore the day before. Be sure to visit our previous post to catch up on what she wore. Here are the details on her look yesterday and where you can get it! In the above photo from Melissa's Instagram, she posed in two pieces from...

Rihanna's 420 in Silver Spoon Attire & Minimale Animale || April 20th
April 21, 2014

Silver Spoon Attire | Jacquie Aiche | HAZE CollectionMinimale Animale | Marques' Almeida | Converse Fallon | Lynn Ban Rihanna takes to Instagram on 4/20: Rihanna took to her Instagram account to reveal a view of her pieces she wore in honor of 4/20 this year. We last caught up with her fashion a few days ago at Giorgio Baldi (here). If you missed the details on what she wore on that occasion, you can visit the aforementioned post. Here's what...

Rihanna Arrives at the Bercy Concert Arena in Miu Miu & Moschino || February 25th
February 25, 2014

Miu Miu | Converse | Jeremy Scott | Moschino | Timberland Rihanna arrives at the Bercy Concert Arena in Paris today: Rihanna has been in France for a couple of days now. Yesterday, she arrived in Paris (here). You can visit the aforementioned post for the details on what she wore. Today, she was spotted arriving at the Bercy Concert Arena in Paris where Drake will perform tonight. Let's review what she's wearing. Rihanna arrived at the...

★Vintage RiRi: SHE x Joyrich
February 13, 2014

SHE x Joyrich Rihanna wears several pieces from the brand Joyrich in 2012: In this week's installment of Vintage RiRi, we will be taking a look back at a catalog of outfits that Rihanna wore in 2012. The key element in all of these looks is the LA street wear brand, Joyrich. This brand has been a constant go-to for both Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde. Here's the rundown on all of Rihanna's Joyrich pieces: JOYRICH was established in 2007 by...

Rihanna Grabs a Bite at Giorgio Baldi in The Inner City Raiders || February 8th
February 9, 2014

Chanel | Jacquie Aiche | ICR | Twenty | ConverseJeremy Scott | Melody Ehsani | Jeremy Scott | Fallon Rihanna was spotted grabbing a bite to eat at Giorgio Baldi: Rihanna grabbed a bite to eat last night at one of her favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, Giorgio Baldi. Just the night before, Rihanna enjoyed time with her friends at Hooray Henry's Nightclub (here). If you missed the details on what she wore on that occasion, you can visit the...

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