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Love Muse

Rihanna Shows Love for Kate Moss in Amsterdam || June 26th
June 26, 2013

Ray Ban | Silver Spoon Attire | Wanda Nylon Converse | Love Muse | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in Amsterdam today: After having a day off yesterday, Rihanna is back to work tonight. She will be performing in Cologne, Germany! We last saw her leaving her hotel the day before yesterday (here), in some serious Silver Spoon Attire threads! Today is no exception! Let's get right into what she's wearing. Rihanna started...

Rihanna in Givenchy & Saint Laurent at Phillipe Chow || April 23rd
May 13, 2013

+Fresh.I.Am+ | Phillip Lim | Givenchy | Kate Spade Miu Miu | Saint Laurent | Love Muse | The Row x Linda Farrow Rihanna was spotted leaving Phillipe Chow in New York last night (Updated 5.12.13) : After taking her tour from Florida and most recently, Georgia -- Rihanna is back in New York! Her next show will be in Baltimore. Rihanna has been dishing out one amazing after after another, if you've gotten behind, visit "Rihanna's Closet" to...

Rihanna in Givenchy at Magic City || April 22nd
April 23, 2013

Givenchy | Christian Louboutin | Kate Spade | Love Muse Rihanna was spotted leaving Magic City Nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia: Rihanna performed in Atlanta last night for her sold out Diamonds World Tour Date. To see what Rihanna woes backstage before her show, visit our recent post (here). To review what her BFF Melissa Forde wore backstage as well, visit our post (here). After her show, she was spotted leaving Magic City nightclub with...

Rihanna in Givenchy at the Miami Heat Game || April 21st
April 22, 2013

+ Fresh.I.Am + | Givenchy | Air Jordan | Love Muse Rihanna was spotted at the Miami Heat basketball game today: Rihanna has been enjoying her stay in Miami thus far. Earlier today she enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine at the pool. To review her bikinis, visit our previous post (here). Now, she has been spotted at a Miami Heat basketball game. Rihanna was welcomed in by the Heat, and given "White Hot" Miami Heat gear. She posed in a Lebron...

Rihanna Wears Charlie by MZ in MIA || April 21st
April 21, 2013

Charlie by Matthew Zink | Miu Miu | Chanel | Love Muse Rihanna was photographed enjoying herself in a pool in Miami: Rihanna has been in Florida for a few days now, in honor of her Diamonds World Tour. On the 19th, she arrived in Tampa (here), and on the 20th she hit Miami. She enjoyed a night out after her show last night at Cameo Nightclub. Take a look at what her and her best friend, Melissa wore (here). Rihanna is now taking time to unwind...

Rihanna's "Cameo" in T by Alexander Wang || April 20th
April 21, 2013

Alexander Wang | Tom Ford | Chanel | Love Muse Rihanna takes photos backstage with friends after her concert in Miami: Rihanna put on a great show for her fans in Miami tonight. Rihanna met backstage with a few of the star studded guests in attendance - Toya Wright along with her daughter, Reginae and also Victoria Secret model, Adriana Lima - just to name a few. To review what Rihanna wore just hours before this, visit our post (here). She then...

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