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Rihanna Arrives at JFK Wearing Vetements Global Parka || October 28th
October 28, 2016

Vetements | Timberland | Prada Rihanna wears a Vetements Global Parka in New York: Rihanna may have seemed to have fallen off the grid so to speak there past few days. However, she's actually been away filming for her upcoming movie, Ocean 8. Some of the filming took place in Paris. She was spotted just briefly by a fan who was able to capture a short video of her. As of today, she's officially back in New York! She was seen at JFK...

Rihanna's Sexy in Are You Am I's Nyissa Dress in New York || October 5th
October 6, 2016

Are You Am I | Marni | Prada Rihanna was spotted in New York wearing Are You Am I's Red Nyissa Dress: Just when you thought the looks couldn't get better Rihanna says THINK AGAIN! She's been in New York for some time since her trip overseas to Paris. Her style is not one to be matched and our daredevil has proved that yet again with her faux locks. A true nod to her Barbadian culture, she's been rocking the look effortlessly. Rihanna...

Rihanna Pays Homage to Tupac Shakur at Mercer's Kitchen || October 4th
October 5, 2016

Balenciaga | PUMA | Prada | Louis Vuitton | Moschino   Rihanna was spotted back in New York wearing a vintage Tupac Tee: Rihanna seems to be loving her new do and so are her fans! Her dreadlocks are something she's wanted since childhood. As you may or may not know, Rihanna is currently in New York. Just last night, she was spotted grabbing dinner at Mercer Kitchen. Let's take a look at what she wore. Rihanna wore a really...

Rihanna for W Magazine: Fashion Recap
August 2, 2016

Rihanna for W Magazine Rihanna for W Magazine: Well well WELL! We definitely didn't see this photoshoot coming! Rihanna's nailed yet another amazing magazine cover and editorial spread! She is the face of W Magazine's Special Collector's Issue! The magazine has a dual cover - War and Peace. She looks stunning on both might we add! Let's get into just who and what she's wearing in photos within the spread. In this photo, Rihanna is...

Rihanna Wears Floral Print Vetements Dress in Stockholm || July 5th
July 5, 2016

Vetements | Prada Rihanna wears Vetements Ruffle-Trimmed Floral Print Dress in Stockholm: So cute! Rihanna is always making herself available to greet her fans and today was no exception in Stockholm. She took photos with her excited fans and we are here to give you the lowdown on what she's wearing in the photos. Rihanna looks super cute in floral print from none other than Vetements. The Parisian label has become a favorite of...

Rihanna Celebrates Her 28th Birthday Wearing Vintage John Galliano || February 20th
February 22, 2016

John Galliano | Lynn Ban | Prada | Chanel | Jacquie Aiche Rihanna celebrates her 28th birthday wearing : Rihanna turned 28 yesterday for those of you that may not have known! If you haven't done so, it's not too late to extend your belated birthday wishes! We always love seeing what designer she will choose to celebrate her special day in. We've already covered all of her spotted birthday looks over the years. At the end of this post we...

Rihanna Leaves Paris for LA in PUMA x BAPE & 40oz Van || January 23rd
January 23, 2016

Prada | BAPE | PUMA | 40oz Van | UGG Rihanna wears BAPE x PUMA and 40oz Van on her flight from Paris to LA: Rihanna is finally making her way back across the pond after being stationed in Paris. She spent time there filming for the movie, Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets. While she was there her stunning commercial ad for the upcoming Super Bowl/Grammys released as well. She's now headed back to Los Angeles. Let's take a...

Rihanna Hits Giorgio Baldi in Sunday Somewhere & Jean Paul Gaultier || December 19th
December 19, 2015

Silver Spoon Attire Sunday Somewhere | Jean Paul GaultierPrada | Jacquie Aiche Rihanna was spotted wearing vintage Jean Paul Gaultier: Rihanna's been keeping busy here lately as her album release draws nearer. However, she already has a leg up on the holidays and in doing so, she hosted a FENTY Corp. pre-Christmas dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles. Here's what she wore. Rihanna began her look with a Resort Collection hat from...

Rihanna Wears Phenomenon's Hockey Sleeve M-51 Parka & Bazar-14 in NY || May 10th
May 11, 2015

Phenom ✖️ Bazar 🎳🎎 Phenomenon | Halfman | Bazar 14 | Prada | PUMA Chanel | New Era | Roc Nation Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York: Rihanna was spotted in New York today by a native in the area. We are currently awaiting HQ photos from this occasion! However, we just have to give you some of the details early! Let's take a look at what she's wearing! Rihanna went bowling today as well! She sported some super cute...

Rihanna Says 'School Kills' in Hyein Seo || May 3rd
May 4, 2015

Le Specs | Hyein Seo | Prada | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York : Rihanna is in New York right now for the highly anticipated Met Ball that will take place tomorrow evening. Here on RihannaOverdose, we have covered every Met Ball look she has worn! So we are excited to see what she'll wear tomorrow. She touched down after spending a small amount of time in LA. Today, she stepped out for the day wearing a...

Rihanna Makes Her Way Through JFK in Prada Clogs || May 1st
May 1, 2015

PUMA | BAPE | Champion | Prada Rihanna was spotted at JFK Airport in New York : After a rather short stay in Los Angeles, Rihanna was spotted at JFK Airport in New York. Before leaving LA however, she got a chance to eat at her favorite restaurant. If you missed what she wore, head over to our previous post for details. Here's what she wore to the airport: Rihanna covered up today in a her A Bathing Ape x PUMA evospeed BAPE FC...

Rihanna Spotted on the Set of Her Photoshoot in Prada & Miu Miu || September 10th
September 11, 2014

Prada | Miu Miu | Balenciaga | Lynn Ban Rihanna was spotted leaving the set of her photoshoot in New York: Yesterday was a day full of surprises for Rihanna's fans and the like. She took to her twitter account to reveal a FULL editorial spread for the German Magazine, TUSH. To get the details on all of the outfits within the editorial you can head over to our TUSH Magazine Fashion Recap. Later that evening Rihanna again took to her...

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