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Rihanna Steps Out by Night in Balenciaga & Roc Nation || October 20th
October 21, 2016

Balenciaga | Roc Nation | FENTY x PUMA | Louis Vuitton Rihanna wears AW16 FENTY x PUMA and Fall 2016 Balenciaga in NYC: I mentioned in my last post that there was a correction in the time frame on the look discussed in those photos. The outfit I am about discuss with you is what was worn yesterday night on October 20th. Rihanna was spotted last night in my favorite color! BLUE! She wore a very eye-catching number from the label,...

Flashback to Rihanna's Night Out in Matthew Dolan & FENTY x PUMA
October 21, 2016

Matthew Dolan | Bathory | FENTY x PUMA | Louis Vuitton Rihanna wears AW16 FENTY x PUMA Wedge Boots with a Tupac Tee in NYC: It's been said that Rihanna's officially began filming for the movie, Ocean 8 that she is set to play a role in. Filming is taking place in Brooklyn today and tomorrow. If yesterday's look didn't confirm Rihanna's stance on the political scene, I'm not sure what else will! If you missed the iconic Hillary Clinton...

Rihanna Says 'I'm With HER' in a Hillary Clinton Trapvilla Tee & Vetements || October 19th
October 19, 2016

Trapvilla | Levi's | Louis Vuitton | PUMA | Vetements | Timberland Rihanna supports Hillary Clinton ahead of tonight's presidential debate wearing Trapvilla: I don't know about you all, but I have been loving Rihanna's looks all week! She's been stationed in New York for the past few days and everyday has presented one fabulous look after another. Don't worry if you've missed any of her outfits thus far because I've covered each one!...

Rihanna Dines at Nobu Wearing Dion Lee & Dries Van Noten || October 18th
October 19, 2016

Dion Lee | Dries Van Noten | Gianvito Rossi | Louis Vuitton Rihanna dines at Nobu Restaurant in NYC wearing Dion Lee: Rihanna has been spotted at Nobu Restaurant and later Up & Down Nightclub in New York. She's proven that she can take her look from day to night. Earlier on the 18th she was seen wearing pieces from Vetements and Balenciaga at the dentist office. If you missed the details on that look, you can head over to our previous...

Rihanna Heads to the Dentist in NYC Wearing Vetements & Balenciaga || October 18th
October 18, 2016

Vetements | Balenciaga | Louis Vuitton Rihanna heads to the dentist in NYC: Rihanna is now in New York. The last time we covered her look she was stationed in New York. Today, Rihanna's latest Autumn 2016 Collection with Stance was released. Head over to our previous post for purchasing links and more details. Let's take a look at Rihanna outfit for today. Rihanna was seen wearing a few familiar pieces from the Parisian label,...

Rihanna Parties in Vetements and Heads Out in Raf Simons || September 21st
October 11, 2016

Vetements | Christian Louboutin | Louis Vuitton Rihanna wears Vetements and Christian Louboutin in New York: Don't worry guys! As far as we know, Rihanna still has her faux dreadlocks! The look we are about to discuss is actually one from a couple of weeks ago on September 21st. Pictures have just released of Rihanna when she was spotted partying in New York! Let's take a look back at this outfit. Rihanna stepped out for the night...

Rihanna Attends a Christening in Barbados || October 9th
October 9, 2016

Ray Ban | Christian Dior | Chopard | DSquared2Balenciaga | FENTY x PUMA Rihanna attends a christening in Barbados : Rihanna's attending a christening in Barbados today and the photos have already began to surface. Hopefully we'll get some higher quality photos here so to take a better look at her white sleeveless dress. In the meantime, I'll share with you some details on her accessories. For starters, Rihanna wore a pair of Ray...

Rihanna Heads to Dinner Wearing AW16 FENTY x PUMA || October 6th
October 7, 2016

Vetements | FENTY x PUMA | Manolo Blahnik | Chopard | Louis Vuitton Rihanna was spotted in New York wearing AW16 FENTY x PUMA : Rihanna has been spotted everyday this week so far! She's been rolling out one great look after another. Have you been keeping up with us? Head over to the Rihanna's Closet tab to catch up on any looks you may have missed. Let's get into last night's fit: Rihanna headed out for dinner last night in New...

Rihanna's Sexy in Are You Am I's Nyissa Dress in New York || October 5th
October 6, 2016

Are You Am I | Marni | Prada Rihanna was spotted in New York wearing Are You Am I's Red Nyissa Dress: Just when you thought the looks couldn't get better Rihanna says THINK AGAIN! She's been in New York for some time since her trip overseas to Paris. Her style is not one to be matched and our daredevil has proved that yet again with her faux locks. A true nod to her Barbadian culture, she's been rocking the look effortlessly. Rihanna...

Rihanna Wears Fucking Awesome Gear and AW16 FENTY x PUMA in New York ||October 5th
October 6, 2016

Fucking Awesome | Louis Vuitton | Helmut Lang Rihanna was spotted in New York wearing Fucking Awesome's Breakthru Hoodie: Rihanna was spotted out and about today in New York. Have you fallen in love with her faux dreadlocks? Join the club because so have we! It's still to be determined how long the songstress will keep this look but in the meantime, we're loving every second of it! Let's take a look at today's outfit. Rihanna is...

Rihanna Pays Homage to Tupac Shakur at Mercer's Kitchen || October 4th
October 5, 2016

Balenciaga | PUMA | Prada | Louis Vuitton | Moschino   Rihanna was spotted back in New York wearing a vintage Tupac Tee: Rihanna seems to be loving her new do and so are her fans! Her dreadlocks are something she's wanted since childhood. As you may or may not know, Rihanna is currently in New York. Just last night, she was spotted grabbing dinner at Mercer Kitchen. Let's take a look at what she wore. Rihanna wore a really...

Rihanna Debuts Dreads While Wearing Vetements and Chen Peng || October 3rd
October 4, 2016

Chen Peng | Gucci | VetementsTrapstar London | FENTY x PUMA Rihanna was spotted back in New York wearing VETEMENTS and Trapstar London: After spending some time in Paris to debut her SS17 Collection for FENTY x PUMA, Rihanna has finally made her way back to New York! With her return came an even bigger surprise -- a new hairstyle! DREADS! Rihanna was spotted out in New York with her new look wearing a VETEMENTS $1,216.00 Definition...

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