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Rihanna Heads Out in Matthew Dolan || May 15th
May 15, 2015

Matthew Dolan | Iris and Ink | Balenciaga Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel today: Are you excited yet?! Tomorrow Rihanna will hit the SNL stage in honor of their special 40th Season Finale! Yesterday, a promotional video released advertising the event. You can watch the video here and find out what she's wearing in the video from our previous post. Today, she was spotted leaving the Bowery Hotel, where upon she visited the Disabled...

Rihanna Promotes Saturday Night LIVE in Vintage Sex Pistols Tee || May14th
May 15, 2015

Chapel NYC | Mala by Patty Rodriguez | Lynn Ban Rihanna promoted Saturday Night LIVE in a Vintage Sex Pistols Tee: As we mentioned in our previous fashion rundown, Rihanna will be the guest star on Saturday Night LIVE this week! The episode she will be on is actually the season finale! It will air on Saturday at 11:30/10:30c. Here's what she's wearing in the promo reel. Rihanna kept her look simple, rocking nothing more than a head...

Rihanna Celebrates Her Friend's Birthday in the Hamptons Wearing Diesel & Yoon Ambush || May 13th
May 13, 2015

Diesel | Mala by Patty Rodriguez | Yoon Ambush Rihanna was spotted in a full look from Diesel today: Rihanna is having fun with her friends today! Her best friend Leandra has a birthday today! Rihanna updated get snapchat account with this video as she made her way to the helicopter. Let's take a look what she's wearing. Rihanna headed onto a helicopter wearing a full look from the brand, Diesel. Her outfit consisted of their...

Rihanna Wears Phenomenon's Hockey Sleeve M-51 Parka & Bazar-14 in NY || May 10th
May 11, 2015

Phenom ✖️ Bazar 🎳🎎 Phenomenon | Halfman | Bazar 14 | Prada | PUMA Chanel | New Era | Roc Nation Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York: Rihanna was spotted in New York today by a native in the area. We are currently awaiting HQ photos from this occasion! However, we just have to give you some of the details early! Let's take a look at what she's wearing! Rihanna went bowling today as well! She sported some super cute...

Rihanna Goes Shopping in a Vintage SPURS Jersey & More || May 8th
May 9, 2015

Champion | Cèline | Mr. Completely | Louis VuittonSam MC | Jennifer Fisher | Unearthen | Stazia Loren Rihanna was spotted shopping in New York: Rihanna was reportedly spotted shopping today while in New York. With her best friend in tow, the pair made their way down the streets of NY. Here's what she wore: Rihanna is an advocate of sports jerseys and has been seen wearing them time and again throughout the years. Today, she sported...

Rihanna goes RED in Vintage B.U.M Equipment || May 7th
May 8, 2015

B.U.M Equipment | Timberland | Louis VuittonJennifer Fisher | Unearthen Rihanna was spotted by night in New York: We've all been teasing that rihanna would soon dye her hair back to the red we knew in loved during the 2010-11 years of her career. Well, now we can say it has FINALLY HAPPENED! Rihanna stepped out by night in New York flaunting a redder hue than the auburn she had been wearing with added length! Her new hair hasn't...

Rihanna Says 'School Kills' in Hyein Seo || May 3rd
May 4, 2015

Le Specs | Hyein Seo | Prada | Jennifer Fisher Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York : Rihanna is in New York right now for the highly anticipated Met Ball that will take place tomorrow evening. Here on RihannaOverdose, we have covered every Met Ball look she has worn! So we are excited to see what she'll wear tomorrow. She touched down after spending a small amount of time in LA. Today, she stepped out for the day wearing a...

Rihanna Makes Her Way Through JFK in Prada Clogs || May 1st
May 1, 2015

PUMA | BAPE | Champion | Prada Rihanna was spotted at JFK Airport in New York : After a rather short stay in Los Angeles, Rihanna was spotted at JFK Airport in New York. Before leaving LA however, she got a chance to eat at her favorite restaurant. If you missed what she wore, head over to our previous post for details. Here's what she wore to the airport: Rihanna covered up today in a her A Bathing Ape x PUMA evospeed BAPE FC...

Rihanna Returns to Los Angeles in Chloe || April 28th
April 29, 2015

Chloe | Levi's | PUMA Rihanna arrives back in Los Angeles : After a long vacation in Hawaii, Rihanna has finally made her way back to Los Angeles! Before leaving Hawaii she was recording walking the airport without security. She touched down in LA wearing a casual look that was enhanced by eye-catching prints! Let's discuss. Rihanna rocked a serious cape designed by Chloe. This $2,695.00 Chloe geometric-print cashmere-blend knit...

Rihanna Dons Charlie by Matthew Zink in Hawaii || April 26th
April 26, 2015

Charlie by Matthew Zink | Adam Selman | Le SpecsPUMA | House of Hackney | Timberland Billionaire Boys Club | Chapel NYC | Tom Ford Rihanna continues to enjoy Hawaii wearing Matthew Zink: Rihanna being on vacation is always a treat for us fashion lovers as we get to cover lots of swimwear that otherwise we wouldn't. Over the past few days we've covered look after look from Fenty as she enjoys her time away. We've also covered several of...

Rihanna's a 'Wild Flower' in Céline, Digs Hawaii & Ava Sky
April 20, 2015

Ava Sky Hawaii | Céline | M$$ x WT | RVSDigs Hawaii | Jennifer Fisher | Pum Pum Socks Rihanna enjoys her time in Hawaii: Rihanna is currently in Hawaii. She's been there for a couple of days now because one of her close friends is getting married tomorrow. She's been getting her fair share of sun and quality time amongst her friends and family while there for the time being. In a few recent videos from snapchat Rihanna shared some...

Rihanna Soaks Up Some Sun in Velvet Sphynx & Jeremy Scott || April 17th
April 18, 2015

Karen Walker | Velvet Sphynx | Stuart WeitzmanLe Bloc | Jeremy Scott Rihanna soaks up some sun in Hawaii: It would seem Rihanna has touched down in Hawaii! Exciting events are just on the horizon! On Monday, Rihanna's close friend Jennifer Rosales will be getting married! So we are certain Rihanna will be in attendance. Of course, with a little sand and a lot of sun, swimwear is bound to emerge! Let's take a look at the bikini Rihanna's...

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