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Rihanna Dons Greg Guillemin's Secret Life Of Superheroes at a Nightclub in LA || June 8th
June 9, 2015

Greg Guillemin | Rupert SandersonMarina B | Mala by Patty Rodriguez Rihanna parties at a nightclub in LA: After all of the fun surrounding baby Majesty's birthday party died down, Rihanna decided to venture out to a nightclub in LA. Before we delve into her nightclub look, you have got to get the details on her outfit at Majesty's birthday party! She wore vintage pieces from one of my favorite designers! Head over to our post here for...

Rihanna Attends Majesty's Birthday Party in Spring 2010 Jeremy Scott || June 7th
June 8, 2015

Jeremy Scott | Manolo Blahnik | Mala by Patty Rodriguez | Jacquie Aiche Rihanna attends Majesty's birthday party: It is hard to believe a whole year has passed since little Majesty was born! Today, Rihanna attended her birthday party! Let's take a look at what she is wearing: The theme of the party was the Flintones right out of Bedrock! Rihanna was "Pebbles" and wore a really cute look from designer, Jeremy Scott. The look is...

Rihanna Visits the Dentist in Lucid FC, Billionaire Girls Club & More|| June 3rd
June 4, 2015

Lucid FC | Billionaire Girls Club | G-Star RawMandy Coon | J Brand | PUMA Rihanna was spotted hearing to the dentist in New York: After a few nights partying, Rihanna was casually spotted heading to a dentist office in New York yesterday. Here's what she wore to her appointment: Rihanna began her look at the dentist wearing a $40.00 Lucid FC Baseball Hat. This adjustable, off-white baseball hat features an embroidered Lucid FC logo...

Rihanna's Outings by Night in Givenchy, Cav Empt and more || June 1st &2nd
June 3, 2015

Givenchy | Citizens of Humanity | Giuseppe ZanottiCav Empt | Chanel | PUMA Rihanna was spotted out by night on June 1st and June 2nd: Since her return from Cuba, Rihanna's been spotted throughout New York. For the last two nights, she's been spotted out by night grabbing dinner. On June 1st, she enjoyed dinner at Coppella restaurant. Last night, (June 2nd) she headed to Soho for dinner. Let's take a look at both of her outfits from these...

Rihanna Spotted in Cuba Wearing Victoria's Secret, Chloe & Givenchy || May 30th
May 30, 2015

Victoria's Secret | Chloe | Givenchy Rihanna spotted in Cuba wearing Victoria's Secret and more: If you aren't aware already, Rihanna has traveled over to Cuba where she has already taken part in a brand new photoshoot! Right now, we don't know what the shoot is for, but she looks stunning! Take a look at Rihanna on set here. Today however, she was spotted out while in Cuba. Let's take a look at what she's wearing. So far there's...

Rihanna Spotted Out & About in London wearing Nicopanda || May 26th
May 26, 2015

Nicopanda | Mandy Coon | Manolo Blahnik Rihanna was spotted out and about in London: It's only been a matter of hours since Rihanna touched down in London yet she's already started her day! She was spotted out and about sipping tea in London not long ago! Let's discuss her look! Rihanna paired distressed black jeans and her favorite Manolo Blanik Lace Up Heels with this chic $622.71 Nicopanda Cape-Panel Hoodie. This black...

Rihanna Makes Her Way From New York to London in Thrasher || May 25th
May 26, 2015

Thrasher | Mandy Coon | Timberland Rihanna was spotted arriving in London: It's been a while since Rihanna's been across the pond, but as of today it's official! Rihanna is in London! She arrived at Heathrow Airport just hours ago. Let's take a look at her flight attire. Rihanna wore a $44.95 Thrasher Flame Logo Hoodie. She's worn this label quite a bit this year. We've covered all of her spottings in Thrasher so you don't have to...

Rihanna Hits the Studio in No/One Paris || May 23rd
May 24, 2015

No/One Paris | Marques'Almeida | Chanel | Christian Dior Rihanna was spotted heading to a studio in New York last night : Rihanna covered up in a grey jacket and a "Belleville Hills" grey t-shirt designed by the brand No/One Paris. You can purchase the top below. Purchase: No/One Paris Belleville Hills T-Shirt Rihanna then wore a frayed mini skirt designed by Marques'Almeida. It appears to be a skirt from their Spring 2014...

★Vintage RiRi: Rihanna Attends UFC-135 Fight in Jeremy Scott
May 20, 2015

Billionaire Boys Club | Jeremy Scott | Ray Ban Rihanna attends UFC 132 Fight in Spring 2011 Jeremy Scott: We are LOVING Rihanna's return to red hair! in light of her recent hair color change we will be dedicating all of our Vintage RiRi posts to her past looks with her luscious red locks! The first look we will be flashing back to is Rihanna back in the summer of 2011. Let's take a look. Rihanna was spotted in Las Vegas on July 2nd...

Rihanna Enjoys a Night Out in ASSK's Real Tree Cropped Top & Skirt ||May 17th
May 19, 2015

ASSK | Lynn Ban Rihanna enjoys a night out in New York: Rihanna has been stationed in New York for quite some time now. Last night she ventured out to NY's VIP Room Nightclub. Here's what she wore: Rihanna partied wearing ASSK's $167.70 Real Tree Black Cropped T-Shirt and $168.00 Real Tree Black Skirt. This look is from their Fall 2014 Collection. To create this unique tree camouflage print, ASSK teamed up with artist, Oliver Van...

Rihanna Heads Out in New York Wearing Thrasher & Rick Owens || May 18th
May 18, 2015

Thrasher | Christian Dior | PUMA Lynn Ban | Sam MC London | Rick Owens Rihanna was spotted out in New York today: Rihanna's been getting out daily here in New York, which means she's hard at work on her many projects! We are excited to see what she's been getting into! She was spotted not long ago today out and about. Let's take a look at her outfit. We love her pieces so we can't wait for HQ photos from her outing! If you aren't...

Rihanna Sports PUMA Hours Before Her Saturday Night LIVE Performance || May 16th
May 16, 2015

PUMA | Mala by Patty Rodriguez Rihanna was spotted in New York today: The countdown to Rihanna's Saturday Night LIVE performance tonight draws ever nearer as the hours pass by! We know that you all are just as excited as we are to see her perform and also see what she'll be wearing. Yesterday, she supported an amazing cause by heading over to the Dis[able] Inside Out Organization. If you missed what she wore, you can visit our previous...

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