Trina exclusively spoke with Rihanna Overdose on January 12, 2013. After the jump is what she had to say to 5 questions we asked in a segment we call “The 5”

ROD: You’re a Rihanna Stan, how did that come about? There is quite a difference between being a fan and a Stan. What was that defining moment where you thought okay I LOVE this bitch?
“I’ve been a fan of Rihanna since her first album I watched her grow and develop into an amazing artist. I love that she don’t give a shit about others opinions. She’s fearless she’s a bad ass. I think she’s Amazing! I’ve always loved her she just keeps getting better everyday!”

ROD: Is there a Rihanna song that made/makes you cry?
Stupid In Love. Very touchy song for me. Extremely emotional because I was in a situation that completely relates.”

ROD: What’s your favorite Rihanna fashion era?
“Rihanna is a fashionista. I love that she takes risks. I think Rated R for me it was fly and chic!”

ROD: You and Rih adore each other. You attend her concerts. You follow each other on Twitter, Instagram and you repost each others photos. WHY haven’t you two done a collab yet?
“She’s such a doll. I think it’s an island thing.. I would love to collab with her that would be dope.”


ROD: Favorite Rihanna song to sing in the car, loud and just ratchet?
Pour It Up! loud and ratchet in the car dancing all over the seats… Gets me so ready for the club!”

The diamond princess recently released her smash mixtape Back 2 Business on her birthday (Dec 3. 2012). This mixtape is filled with hits to keep you twerking until the release of her sixth studio album set to debut sometime this year. Some of my personal faves are Bitch Bad, Petty, Hell Yeah, Round of Applause, I Fucks With You and I Want. But take a listen below and get hooked on your own favorites.