Rihanna for River Island Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection


Rihanna reveals her upcoming Rihanna for River Island Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection:

According to VOGUE UK:

RIHANNA has unveiled her second collection for River Island for the first time and we have pictures of every single piece ready to show you. The autumn/winter 2013 range – which arrives in two separate drops in September and then in November – carries the same urban feel as her debut high-street offering, although this season imbues a more glamorous sporty edge.

The way I approach winter style is to layer up summer clothes and Rihanna does the same….. But there are coats and sweatshirts – those pieces were key. It’s a little more refined.” –Adam Selman

Even if the collection might be a little too daring for everyone to wear day-to-day (we can’t all be brave enough to step out in thigh-high, towering camouflage boots), you can imagine Rihanna wearing every piece. Think sexy tomboys and you’re not far off – there are crop tops, sporty lingerie, bomber jackets, floor-length mesh dresses, body-con minis, slouchy knee-length shorts, oversized jumpers and tiny hotpants. Accessories come by way of towering heeled boots and strappy sandals, as well as rucksacks and beanie hats emblazoned with a “Riri” slogan.

Whether or not Rihanna will show once again at London Fashion Week as she did last season remains to be seen, but this collection is sure to appeal to the loyal Rihanna Navy come what may.

Check out EACH piece of the Rihanna for River Island Autumn/Winter 2013 Range along with their prices below! The prices listed in US Dollars (USD) are available for purchase RIGHT NOW! Click the photos to purchase them from River Island

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Leather Khaki Camo Pencil Skirt ($250.00)

Khaki Camo Sweat Varsity Jacket ($200.00)

Black Mesh Sleeve Cropped Hoodie ($100.00)

G4LIFE Limited Edition Embossed Leather Jacket ($500.00)

Limited Edition Dark Wash Oversized Denim Jacket ($200.00)

Black Jersey G4LIFE Shirt Dress ($100.00)

Yellow G4LIFE Mesh Shirt Dress ($100.00)

Burgundy Limited Edition Perforated Leather Sweat ($225.00)

Black Limited Edition Perforated Leather Sweat ($225.00)

Camo Print Knitted Shrug ($87.00)

Burgundy Stripe Crop Jumper ($87.00)

Burgundy G4LIFE Cropped Sweatshirt ($87.00)

Black G4LIFE Cropped Sweatshirt ($87.00)

Khaki Camo Cold Shoulder Crop Jumper ($87.00)

Black Cold Shoulder Crop Jumper ($87.00)

G4LIFE Rib Vest ($15.00)

Khaki Camo Mesh Cropped T-Shirt ($62.00)

Black Mesh Cropped T-Shirt ($62.00)

Black Limited Edition Perforated Leather Cropped Top ($175.00)

Khaki Camo Vest (£35.00)

Limited Edition Khaki Camo Leather Bralet ($145.00)

Leather Bra Top (£70.00)

Khaki Camo G4LIFE Bralet & Briefs (£25.00)

Black G4LIFE Bralet ($37.00) & Briefs ($25.00)

White G4LIFE Bralet ($37.00) & Briefs ($25.00)

Black Limited Edition Perforated Leather Long Shorts ($225.00)

Dark Grey High Shine Coated Long Shorts ($100.00)

Dark Grey High Shine Coated Trousers ($125.00)

Burgundy Quilted Nylon Bomber Jacket ($225.00)

Burgundy Striped All-In-One (£35.00)

Burgundy Stripe Hoodie Maxi Dress ($150.00)

Burgundy Mesh Basketball Maxi Dress ($125.00)

Black Mesh Basketball Maxi Dress ($125.00)

Khaki Camo Print Bodycon Dress ($100.00)

Black Occult Print Bodycon Dress ($100.00)

Limited Edition Khaki Camo Leather Shorts ($212.00)

Burgundy Striped Knit Midi Skirt ($100.00)

Dark Wash Boyfriend Jeans ($125.00)

Limited Edition Black Embossed Leather Trousers ($375.00)

Limited Edition Burgundy Leather Trousers ($300.00)

Khaki Camo G4LIFE Leggings ($62.00)

Burgundy Stripe G4LIFE Mesh Shirt ($75.00)

Khaki Camo Midi Skirt ($100.00)

Black Stripe G4LIFE Top (£30.00)

Limited Edition Camouflage Boots (£200.00)

Ankle Strap Heels (£60.00)

Black G4LIFE Barely There Stiletto Sandals ($150.00)

Khaki Camo Barely There Stiletto Sandals ($150.00)

Tan Suede Stiletto Boots ($240.00)

Black Suede Stiletto Boots ($240.00)

White G4LIFE Beanie Hat ($30.00)

Yellow G4LIFE Beanie Hat ($30.00)

Khaki Camo G4LIFE Beanie Hat ($30.00)

Burgundy G4LIFE Beanie Hat ($30.00)

Black G4LIFE Beanie Hat ($30.00)

Black Faux Fur Rucksack ($80.00)
Black Occult Print G4LIFE Leggings ($62.00) Black Occult Print Scarf ($50.00) Black Occult Print T-Shirt Dress ($125.00) Cream G4LIFE Cropped Sweatshirt ($87.00)
Black G4LIFE Maxi Skirt ($87.00) Dark Grey G4LIFE Maxi Skirt ($87.00) Black Knit Midi Skirt ($100.00) Black G4LIFE Straight Jeans ($125.00)
Khaki Camo Print Knitted Shrug (£35.00) Khaki Camo All-In-One ($87.00) Black Cold Shoulder Turtleneck Dress ($112.00) Black G4LIFE Sweat Dress ($125.00)
Black Mesh Shirt Body (£35.00) Khaki Camo Sleeveless Knit Top ($87.00)