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Versace | JoyRich

Melissa’s Instagram gets a photo update :

Melissa updated her Instagram yesterday with a cute photo of herself as she enjoyed her day in Los Angeles. It’s no secret that M$$ loves the outdoors and when she does step out for some sun — she steps out in style. We last caught up with her fashion choices on the 2nd of this month. Let’s check out what she wore yesterday.

In the photo Melissa uploaded yesterday, she started things off with a bucket hat from JoyRich’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Her Blue Ghetto Blast Hat retails at $53.00 and the design itself bids a strong nod to the 1950’s ice cream parlor vibe with it’s bold color and retro “ghetto” print. Rihanna herself has worn from this collection twice already, rocking the label’s Ghetto Bling Bling Mesh Jersey and Ghetto Pink Bear Tee. Although M$$’ hat has sold out at JoyRich’s online store right now, you can get it for $55.00 at Dolls Kill.

Purchase: JoyRich Ghetto Blast Bucket Hat

We’ll revisit JoyRich in just a moment, but first let’s take a look at the sunglasses Mel wore in her photo. Her sunnies are from Versace and she actually debuted them back in 2013. These Versace VE 2120 cat eye sunglasses, from the January Jones inspired line, are from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Available in silver gray, gold gray and silver black, they encompass the retro spirit of past decades and combine it with a modern day design. The glasses feature a minimal, thin frame and metallic details at the corners.

As we mentioned, JoyRich is a recurring theme in our post today. The dress Mel wore is also from their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection and bears them same print as her hat. Her $106.00 Ghetto Blast Sleeveless Shirt Dress is of course blue, and made of 100% cotton. You can purchase it from JoyRich’s online store below. Once you visit the link, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice a number of other items from this collection that are available for purchase as well.

Purchase: JoyRich Ghetto Blast Shirt Dress

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