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Rihanna’s Artist Spotlight T-Shirt


Rihanna promotes a t-shirt for charity:

Rihanna attended a press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris today. The Hard Rock Cafe donated $200,000.00 to her Clara Lionel Foundation. Attendees at the event were pleased to support the charity by giving donations of their own and buying a t-shirt to support the cause as well. This shirt was designed by Rihanna Overdose’s founder, Kay, who worked in collaboration with GNL Studios. Kay discussed the charitable piece with me so I’m going to share some of the inside details with all of our readers today!

So let’s dissect this tee for a moment. When Kay’s creativity was called upon for this top, she immediately wanted to create something that would not only look great but would really represent Rihanna.

“My inspiration was Rihanna’s personality and a lot of vintage rock t-shirts and posters. I wanted something that suited her and was very heavy metal/Rock looking.”

If you’ve been following Rihanna’s fashion choices along with us, you’ve no doubt seen Rihanna sport several vintage tees, the most recent in Malibu, back in April. So, the idea behind the design couldn’t have been more spot on. Speaking of the design, Kay revealed what the graphic of Rihanna’s face shaded as an American flag inside the silhouette of a skull — on the front of the top — stemmed from.

“The flag was just the vintage inspiration. The genre of Rock Music is reported to have originated in the U.S. during the 1950’s and U.S. flags and currency seemed to be popular. The skull was inspiration from the Misfits. I love how huge their skulls are. That’s why I choose a really big skull front.”

Rihanna’s expressed her interest in both the currency and US flag motif through her everyday wear as well. Your mind may have drifted back to the 10Deep My Country Tee she wore in 2013, or the Patricia Field $1,000.00 Clutch and the Vintage Money Talks ACDC Top she sported at two different basketball games. With so much hard work and effort put into the design, one must wonder how long did this graphic take to make? Kay answers:

“It took about a week to design the graphics because I did more than one. I created about 7 or 8 so she would have variety to choose from. By the time I got to about 8 they informed me on the one they had chosen.”

With all of those details in mind, we can’t scurry away from the main thrust of this tee — the Clara Lionel Foundation. The focus is on the children. The design is fashionable and the cause is honorable. Put your support behind Rihanna’s charity by purchasing her spotlight tee from Hard Rock’s online shop below.

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