Rihanna in PUMA at the Lakers game

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Rihanna was spotted at a Laker’s game in Los Angeles :

Rihanna was seen last night sitting courtside at a lakers game alongside her best friend Melissa. The two enjoyed the game with Jeffrey Katznberg who is the CEO of DreamWorks animation. The company is the brains behind Rihanna’s debut animation film, Home. Rihanna looked super cute last night, so let’s delve right into her look.

Rihanna sat courtside in a full set from PUMA. As creative director, she nabbed unreleased pieces for this event. We’ve discovered that she’s in fact wearing pieces from Vashtie’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collaborative collection with PUMA. In a recent instagram post she shared: Last night, Rihanna wore some of the samples from my upcoming Puma x Vashtie x Violette New York collaboration that I designed. She liked it so much she swiped all the samples from the showroom. Perfect person to leak part of my unreleased collection❤️! Coming soon!

We will keep you posted on when her jacket and shorts will be available for public purchase. The anorak-style Coach Jacket and shorts have an iridescent blue-green hue and feature the PUMA logo at the chest and leg.

Rihanna then wore her favorite Tom Ford Patent Leather Simple Strap Evening Sandals. The sandals retail at a price between $1.190-990.00 and feature Tom’s signature yellow golden hardware along with a 4 1/4″ golden stiletto heel with gold padlock detail. Currently, Rihanna’s sandals are available in black, metallic silver and metallic gold. The gold is available for pre-order at this time.

Purchase: Tom Ford Simple Strap Evening Sandals (Gold Pre-Order)

Purchase: Tom Ford Patent Leather Simple Strap Evening Sandals (Black)

Purchase: Tom Ford Napa Simple Strap Evening Sandals (Silver)

Rihanna again carried her new $1,890.00 Givenchy Triangle Large Grained Calfskin Wristlet that she debute on Monday. This grained calfskin wristlet features shiny palladium hardware and has a unique triangular shape with a 10″ wristlet strap. You can also purchase it in Pale Pink from Neiman Marcus for the same price.

Purchase: Givenchy Triangle Large Grained Calfskin Wristlet

Melissa attended the game in fashionable attire as well. She sported an orange Fall 2014 JoyRich Progressive Utility Jacket and matching Utility Cargo Pants. The menswear look features a zipper at the neck along with Progressive High Fashion emblazoned on the chest and pant leg. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find her pants in Orange online, but we’ve included a link to them in black below.

Purchase: JoyRich Progressive Utility Jacket (Orange)

Purchase: JoyRich Progressive Utility Cargo Pants (Black)

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