Rihanna spotted in Come Tees Duppy Conquerer Jeans and Aquazarra

Come Tees | Aquazzura

Rihanna was spotted leaving London:

Rihanna’s trip to London seems to have ended just as quickly as it began. She has already been spotted leaving the area! We know you all are wondering what she’s up to — as are we! Hopefully, she will share the details with all of us soon! In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of her outfits you can head over to Rihanna’s Closet to catchup. Let’s review her look as she exited London.

Rihanna wore some VERY interesting jeans! In my research to find the denim I was able to not only track down the designer, but also w detailed explanation of what inspired the unique trousers. Rihanna’s $330.00 Come Tees Duppy Conquer Jeans are designed with the artwork or a talented lady named, Sonya Sombreil-Cohen. When asked about the jeans and the inspiration behind them, she had this to say:

I have an interest in talismanic clothing, and for a long time I had this idea that I wanted to make a garment that was protective. It’s sort of like an old folk idea about clothing. And I really love the Evil Eye. So it’s sort of, I synthesized that with… I actually had watched this documentary about Lee Scratch Perry, I grew up listening to him and my family loved him. He loomed large in my family’s mythology. He was talking about the story about that song that he wrote for Bob Marley. Bob Marley was having a creative battle and Lee Scratch Perry was like, ‘Oh, you have a Duppy,’ which is an idea about a bad spirit that is attached to you. So he wrote him that song to overcome his Duppy. And as we all know, he went on to the absolute pinnacle of fame. So you know, I like the idea of the iteration of the protective and victorious. And being able to wear that. The idea that you can actually be empowered through the message on an article of clothing –Sonya Sombreil-Cohen

And then I also included some Sewn Leather lyrics and some Moondog lyrics from Moondog’s Monologue. There are always a lot of things that come together. I sort of drag a net through my whole experience while I’m designing and conceptualizing the jeans. It’s amazing to me how those things can be synthesized. It’s not an accident. –Sonya Sombreil-Cohen

We think these jeans are pretty dope! You can shop for a pair of your own below. They are available in a number of washes. You can shop for even more from this brand (including Rihanna’s jeans) from VFILES.

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Rihanna completed her look with Aquazzura Belgravia Flats. These $695.00 Aquazzura Lipstick (red) suede Belgravia flats are styled with a pointed toe and lattice ankle straps. The shoes also feature a 0.5mm gold tone-plated heel and gold tone aglets.

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Images via: Rihanna-Diva